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Who are we?

Scott and Christina Routon Creative Life Enterprises We’re Scott and Christina Routon, founders of Creative Life Enterprises. We’re glad you’re here.


Our Mission


We have a simple goal here at Creative Life Enterprises. We want to share useful content about the opportunities that exist for a freedom-based lifestyle. We want you to know you don’t have to be tied to a dead-end job. We’ll be sharing opporunities and information for you to unlock your own hopes and dreams and realize what your own Creative Life looks like. We offer our life as evidence that change is possible. We’ll be sharing inspirational stories, freedom business ideas, tips and tools that work for us, and interesting places we’ve visited.

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Our Goal

Sunseeker 3100 RV Class C

The Serenity Project – our plan    for full-time travel by the  beginning of 2017 includes the  following:


Buying an RV – we’ve now decided on a small class A by the spring of 2015.


Gate guarding for 12-14 months in order to save money and replace our older model mini van.  Grow and live off of our online business income in order to save more of the gate guarding money.


Using the money saved to go to Germany (2016)  for a procedure called water assisted lipectomy. This procedure will help the pain and heaviness in my legs caused by lipedema, a medical condition.

Return from Germany at the end of 2016 prepared to travel full-time.

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